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5 Common Myths About Gua Sha Facials Debunked

22 Jul 2022 amplelife

Relaxing use of gua sha


The use of gua sha dates back thousands of years ago and is one of the TCM practices that aid in alleviating headaches and neck pains and boosts blood circulation. 

But you may be surprised to know that this seemingly unassuming tool does so much more and can be used on the face to improve your skin’s health too! Many skincare junkies swear by the gua sha facial as it has benefits such as reducing puffiness, helping with lymphatic drainage and softening wrinkles and fine lines. 

Despite becoming increasingly popular, there are still myths surrounding gua sha facials which we will be debunking today. So if you are planning to try it out but are hesitant, this article might just change your mind. Read on to find out more!

1. Gua sha facial can reshape my facial structure

Some believe that a gua sha facial can change their facial structure but what it actually does is allow lymphatic drainage which will reduce puffiness and increase blood circulation. 

This could be a reason why some people notice a more pronounced jawline (since puffiness is reduced) after consistent facial treatments but it is important to note that a gua sha facial will not be able to alter your nose shape or jaw structure. 

2. The material of the gua sha tool matters

Gua sha tools available on the market can come in a variety of materials like rose quartz, jade and stainless steel. However, the material should not matter as they all serve one purpose – they are cooling to the touch to reduce puffiness and act as a perk-me-up while offering the same skin benefits. 

3.Gua sha facial is suitable for everyone

While a gua sha facial is suitable for most skin types, you may wish to call the treatment centre to consult the professionals before booking an appointment if you are suffering from a certain degree of acne or skin issues like rosacea

Gua sha feel and texture

4. Gua sha facial is painful

The entire process of a gua sha facial should entail minimal to no pain when done correctly by a professional. A facial oil will also be applied to your skin to avoid any harsh tugging. 

Nevertheless, it is normal to feel some pressure as the therapist activates the acupoints on your face but you can always voice out your concern should you feel uncomfortable. 

5.Any tool can be used for a gua sha facial

This is inaccurate – a gua sha facial should only be performed using a proper gua sha tool. 

For instance, a jade face roller will not render the same effects as a gua sha tool because the right shape is needed to fit the unique crevices of your face for the best results. 

The most common gua sha tool shape is dolphin but it can come in various designs too, such as wing-shaped and s-shaped. The different shapes work best on different areas of the face and a professional therapist should know which one to use so all you have to do during a gua sha facial is lean back and relax. 

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