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Holistic Approach to Wellness

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Holistic Approach to Wellness

Beauty in a Holistic way

Ample Life™ approaches Beauty in a Holistic way. Good blood circulation & Chi flow are the key pillars of Wellness & Beauty. Blood carries much needed essential nutrients & oxygen to the various organs, muscles, bones and skin. Without which they will be starved of nutrients & oxygen.

If the body’s Chi is blocked or constricted then blood circulation is affected which will have adverse effect on the body. We focus on rejuvenating the body by clearing choked points in the body thus allowing good blood circulation and Chi flow which will nourish all aspects of the body.

Sustainable Beauty

The internal body must be looked after as much as the external shell of the body. Sustainable beauty cannot be attained by only treating the outer shell. It has to be a combination of both internal and external management. Only then will sustainable Beauty & Wellness be attained. Beauty emanates from within. It is essential our body be rejuvenated before it can readily accept nourishment for the revitalization process. Once rejuvenated, the body’s cleared meridian points have to be maintained.

Without maintenance, the body’s meridian points will be constricted again. Hence, Beauty and Wellness which goes hand in hand is a continuous journey and Wellness is For Life.