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Holistic & Detox Therapy

Swiss Relaxation (60mins)

  • Soothes tension & removes the stress in our daily routines, rids physical and mental fatigue to bring about calmness and relaxation.

Ample Fusions 3in1 (75mins)

  • Our proprietary Fusion Therapy delivers the exact required pressure required to produce total relaxation and stimulating the requisite acupressure points on the back thus generating full energy flow through the back meridians, improves body condition and health.

Detox & Harmonize Therapy

Ample Signature 4in1 Qi Energy Kick (90mins)

  • Unknots deep congestion in body meridians, clears stagnation and moves the Qi Energy via various meridian pathways and strengthens body’s immune system, improves stamina & health. Effective in relieving chronic pains, promotes tissue regeneration and increases joint flexibility.

Essential 5-Elements- Core Energy Recharge (60mins/90mins)

  • To effectively improve the body immunity system by up to 30%. Cure cold limbs, dry mouth and bitterness. Prevents memory loss, reduces lower back-aches, resolves sciatic issues and improves quality of sleep and prevents hair alopecia.

Women Exclusive (Feminine Maintenance)

Essential Uterus /Ovarian Therapy (30mins)

  • Prevents cold womb and bloating, promotes blood circulation, and lessen menstrual pains.
    (We have therapies for other organs besides uterus & ovary)

“Women Health” Essential Rid-Indigestion with Inguinal Therapy (45mins)

  • Balances the navel chakra, reduces three turbidity from the body, improves gastrointestinal system and harmonize endocrine system, prevents gynaecological diseases.

“Women Health” – Rebirth38 Therapy (45mins/60mins/90mins)

  • Improve Women’s reproduction system, effectively dispels coldness and improves blood circulation, relieves premenstrual tension, prevents ovarian cysts, gynecological inflammation, reduces soreness from lower back and delays ageing. Regular treatments will improve the firmness to the hips, reduce cellulite accumulation & improve complexion.

“Empowered Women Health “ Premium Moxibustion Therapy (30mins/60mins/90mins)

  • Moxibustion is one of China’s most ancient art of healing. When used as a womb massage, oOur customized herbal Ai solutions and premium grade mugwort produces a comprehensive warm flow of Qi in the meridians around the affected areas of the body. Moxibustion in Singapore helps to enhance vitality and blood circulation, promotes greater health benefits and well-being.


“Empowered Women Health” Essential Moxibustion Energy Revitalization System (45mins)

  • Intensive relief of fatigue and soreness from the body, aids in weight loss, improves blood circulation and expels body dampness & coldness. Suitable for post-natal ladies, long-term fatigue condition and regular maintenance.

Feminine Care–Herbal Bath Therapy (60mins)

  • A traditional classic herbal Bath Therapy consisting of herbal bath & soothing massage therapies resulting in detoxification and easing various pains and soreness.