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Our Signature Series for Breasts Care

Our Signature Bust Care System restores your breasts to its youthfulness, rectify sub-health issues and promotes anti-aging. Unknown to many, our breasts are the key corner stones of a women’s wellness.

Our signature therapies have the following benefits;

  1. increases the rate of detoxification,
  2. unknots meridians pathway around the breast region,
  3. clears lymph nodes and meridians blockages,
  4. reduces breast hyperplasia, mastitis, breast cysts , breast fibrocystic, etc.
  5. improves blood circulation, pass through the vitality, disperse blood stasis,
  6. replenishes breasts’ moisture content and
  7. restores and improves the shape & firmness of the breast.

We have Three Main Categories and each has its own series which are customized to meet your individual needs, namely;

  1. Classic Maintenance Series
  2. Rejuvenate Series
  3. Ultra-Premium Series

Our ultra-premium Series uses 100% Puree Essence extract technology. Herbal plant high level extraction  & ten (10) times faster than nano penetration technology. Our essence is fragrance free, no colour additives, no mineral oils, no emulsifier nor any other chemical additives. The penetration rate of our essence is within seconds providing fast activation impact. Due to its high level of purity & natural base, our treatment can be done safely in any of the three phases of a woman’s cycle : Menstrual Period, Pregnancy and Lactation. Unlike the restrictions imposed by other forms of essential/herbal oil and creams.

Our Premium Series don’t stop at Breasts Care alone, we also cover our Body Lymphatic System, Ovarian System, Hips and other organs under our Inner Wellness treatments. These areas are also vital to our overall wellness.


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