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Caring For Your Body From Head To Toe: Breast Firming, Womb Massage, Gua Sha Facial & More

6 May 2022 amplelife

  Ever heard of the phrase, “beauty comes from within?” Well, this is absolutely true for sustainable beauty, as it cannot be attained through just treating your outer shell; a combination of internal and external management is needed. Caring for your body from the inside out ensures that long-lasting results are achieved to help you […]

5 Reasons Why Lymphatic Drainage For The Breasts Is Important

15 Apr 2022 amplelife

Ever heard of breast massages but always wondered why it is needed and what are the benefits? Well, the main purpose of a breast massage is to aid in lymphatic drainage which plays a key part in maintaining the health and appearance of our bust.  Before we delve deeper into the benefits of going for […]

4 Natural Ways To Firm & Enhance Breasts For A More Confident You

5 Apr 2022 amplelife

It is important to understand that every woman’s body is different and hence, our breasts can also vary greatly in size, shape and colour from people to people. Although genetics play a huge role, certain lifestyle habits or unavoidable circumstances can contribute to sagging breasts too.  Pregnancies can cause the ligaments supporting your breasts to […]