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General Terms & Conditions

By accessing Ample Life Pte Ltd’s website and/or making a reservation/booking at Ample Life Pte Ltd (herein called “Ample Life”), customers are deemed to have read, understood, agreed and accepted the terms and conditions stated below (herein called “Terms & Conditions”). Ample Life reserves its right to change, amend, add or delete any of the Terms & Conditions without prior notice and customers shall be bound by such changes.


  1. Relevant Acts & Regulations We strive to ensure that our products and services are of high quality. As a minimum it must meet the requirements as defined in the Sales of Goods Act S14 (2), Consumer Protection (Fair Trading) Act and Lemon Law.
  2. Exclusive Invitation Cards Exclusive Invitations Cards are extended to friends, associates, customers to sample free of charge any of our three selected therapies; Signature Bust Therapy, Skin Health Therapy and Back Detox Therapy. It cannot be exchanged for other treatments nor any monetary refund.
  3. Promotional Trial Promotional trial services are sold at discounted prices for first time Customer. The validity of such promotions depends on each specific promotions. Where it is silent then the validity period will be for six (6) months from the date the promotion was purchased.
  4. Service Package A Service Package is a series of services put together by Ample Life to meet certain treatment objectives. It may be custom tailored to meet the needs of the Customer. All Service Packages must be consumed within twelve (12) months from its purchased date. Request for extension will be on a case-by-case basis subject to management approval.
  5. Ample Life’s Oasis Our haven at Royal Square @ Novena #02-19.
  6. Business Days Mondays to Fridays excluding Saturdays, Sundays & Public Holidays.
  7. Gender Segregation Ample Life serves both male and female customers. However male customers are confined to facial treatments only.

Product Warranty & Service Quality


Ample Life provides defect-free guarantee for all products sold. If the product is established by Ample Life to be defective, an identical product will be replaced provided that the defective product is returned to Ample Life within five (5) business days of the purchase with the original receipt. Where an identical product cannot be offered, Ample Life will refund the full payment of the defective product to the customer within fourteen (14) business days. Products which have been substantially used shall not be accepted as defective. The decision arrived at by Ample Life shall be final.


Although we strive to provide service quality that exceeds your expectations, the results of treatments varies from customer to customer depending on, among other factors, their physical state, inherent allergies and mental condition(s). We are unable to guarantee the desired or consistent result(s) of our treatment for our customers. For customers who have allergic reactions after our treatments, they need to report within the next day else we are unable to effectively investigate if the allergic reaction resulted from the products used in our treatments or they resulted from other causes.

Decorum For All

Customers are kindly requested to make prior reservations for all services and arrive at least 15 minutes before their scheduled appointment taking into consideration the time required for parking, walking and traffic conditions. This is to ensure that you get to enjoy your full session and to prevent any delay to the next Customer’s session.

Ample Life reserves the right to cancel the appointment if Customers arrive after 15 minutes of their scheduled appointment time or to reduce the treatment time without compensation of the leftover time.

Cancellation of appointments requires a minimum notice of 48 hours. Any cancellation short of 48 hours’ notice will be given a first caution. For subsequent breaches, the cancelled session(s) shall be forfeited.

Customers are requested to put their mobile phones and other electronic devices in silent mode or switch them off when entering Ample Life’s Oasis. This is to allow all Customers to enjoy their sessions in uninterrupted serenity.

Customers are required to fill up the Health Declaration Form upon arrival and Customers with health condition are advised to consult their doctors before coming for their appointments.

Customers are reminded to respect our therapists who are providing them professional treatment. No “special” services are allowed and warning will be given to Customers with indecent behaviour. Treatment will be stopped immediately if warning is ignored and there will be no refund or compensation.

Our staff are engaged to serve Customers and not to be abused by Customers. We urge all Customers to respect our staff and not to hurl expletives at them. Any complaints should be directed to the duty manager. If you wish to escalate your complaint to our senior management then kindly email to .

We are committed to not engage in any form of selling during the Customer treatment. This is to ensure that our Customers enjoy their uninterrupted treatment with peace of mind. However, we will accept Customers’ add-on services or product purchases upon their request during treatment.

Customers are advised to place their valuables in locker provided in the spa room. Ample Life accepts no responsibilities for any loss of money or valuables or any items in Ample Life’s Oasis.

Refund, Exchange & Transfer Policy

  1. Cooling-off Period We provide a five (5) business days Cooling-off period during which Customers may return products purchased or cancel packages bought. It commences from the day the Customer bought the product or signed up for the package.
  2. Products – Return/Refund During Cooling-off Period Products sold are exchangeable, returnable and refundable within five (5) business days if they are returned unused and are in its original packaging with the original receipt.
  3. After Cooling-off Period After Cooling-off Period, products sold are non-refundable and non-exchangeable except if the product is established by Ample Life to be defective and returned to Ample Life’s Oasis within 5 business days of purchase together with the original receipt.
  4. Under such circumstances, the defective product will be replaced with an identical product. Where an identical product could not be offered, Ample Life will refund the full payment of the defective product to the customer within 14 business days.
  5. Skin care products with shelf-life are allowed only to be returned within 5 business days with the original receipt. It will be replaced by an identical item or refund within 14 business days.
  6. Package/Prepaid Services – Cancellation/Refund During Cooling-off Period For packages/prepaid services that are yet to be consumed, cancellation by Customers will be given full refund. For single services that has already commenced or have been completely rendered there shall be no refund. For packages/prepaid services which have been partially consumed, there will be no refund if the remaining value of their packages /prepaid services is below $150.00. The refund of the package/prepaid services is calculated after deducting the sum of used sessions priced at ala-carte rates.
  7. Cancel after Cooling-off Period There shall be no refund after the Cooling Period unless the cancellation arose from medical issue which must be supported by medical certificate. The refund of the package/ prepaid services is calculated after deducting the sum of used sessions priced at ala-carte rates.
  8. Administrative Charge All refunds will be subject to an administrative charge of 15% subject to a minimum sum of $50. This is to partially offset the manpower costs incurred in handling the refund as well as fees charged by the various merchant service providers pertaining to payments made by Customers.
  9. Refund Payment Refund shall be in the form of cheque payment made in the Customer’s name or electronic transfer to Customer’s designated bank account. For proper accounting and to prevent fraud, the Customer must provide as a minimum the last 4 digit of their NRIC number or Passport number, full name as per NRIC and the address to which the cheque will be mailed to.
  10. Exchange Policy Package(s)/prepaid services may be exchanged for another package(s)/prepaid services provided it is for an equivalent or higher value. The remaining value of existing package(s)/prepaid services shall be determined after deducting the sum of used sessions priced at ala-carte rates. Any shortfall between the remaining value and the new package(s)/prepaid services value shall be paid by the customer.
  11. Transfer Policy Package(s)/prepaid services may be transferred to immediate family members without restrictions. For transfers to non-immediate family members, it is only allowed once and thereafter the transferee cannot transfer the transferred package(s)/ prepaid services.

Mode of Payment

  1. Ample Life accepts the following payment modes for products and services:
  2. Cash (Singapore currencies only)
  3. NETS
  4. Visa
  5. MasterCard
  6. Amex (America Express)
  7. Receipts will be issued to customers to acknowledge any form of payment.

Policy on Accuracy of charging

  1. Accuracy of charging All prices of products and services shall be quoted as net prices and will be clearly communicated to our customers and prominently stated at appropriate shop area and/or communication materials. Prices do not include additional charges for Add-Ons and Other Services. Please refer to the price list for separate charges for Add-Ons and Other Services. Where applicable, any change that is due will be rounded up to the nearest five cents.
  2. Price Clarity is committed to ensure that prices quoted will clearly state what is included in the price and/or package(s); as well as the regular price of the service(s) in the package for the information of customers. The prices offered in package(s) shall be quoted as net price and will be clearly communicated to customers.
  3. Transparency of Pricing Ample Life will ensure that additional charges such as Add-Ons and Other Services will be clearly reflected as separate and distinct from the prices of main treatment/services in the price list and in other relevant forms of communication materials.
  4. Honouring Price Quotes Ample Life will always honour prices that were quoted at the time of purchase. We will ensure that validity of promotional prices and discounts will be clearly communicated to our Customers and prominently stated at appropriate shop area and/or communication material
  5. Confidentiality Confidentiality of Customer data. Ample Life will make all reasonable efforts to ensure that customer’s personal information will be kept in a safe and secure manner and that no unauthorized access to the information will be allowed.
  6. Ample Life will always seek an acknowledgement of consent from our customers in the event we wish to utilize the information given to us for our internal marketing. All employees are required to sign the Employee Confidentiality Agreement and Data Protection & Privacy Policy Acknowledgement’ form with regards to the security of the data of the customers.