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Skin – DETOX


Try our gua sha facial treatments!

Activates facial meridian points with our special massage techniques & tools which promotes better Qi flows and blood circulation. It revitalizes skin cells, eradicates skin dullness, reduces puffiness and achieves a radiant skin.

Suitable For: Dull, Dry, Allergic, Combination, Aging

Bojin Detox Facial (90mins)

  • Promotes better Qi flow & blood circulation, enhances lymphatic drainage, improves skin absorption of nutrients and achieve instant lifting.

Oriental Gua Sha 3in1 with Basic Women Care (120mins)

  • Revives dull skin with our Signature Gua Sha Face Therapy coupled with our in-house techniques to stimulate facial meridians and lymphatic movement which promotes detoxification, instantly reduces skin dullness & puffiness. In addition, it revitalizes and brightens skin complexion. This popular treatment comes with a basic women care therapy that will further enhance women well-being.

Dynamic Bio- Face Detox with Hydro Delight (120mins)

  • Revives dull skin with our signature Qi-Renewal therapy which stimulates your meridian pathways and unknot the blockages. Coupled with our facial hydrating serum which restores the skin’s moisture level, it promotes skin revitalization to attain a more brilliant skin.