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Yes, in fact every session of our breast massage in Singapore will yield results.
We need for all customers to go through a proper consultation and physical bust analysis in order to determine the appropriate treatment. This is because every customer’s breasts’ condition varies like breast issues and so on.

Yes, it does. As regular bust massage therapies is a wellness massage that promotes better blood circulation and improves lymphatic drainage surrounding the breast region. It also enhances the vitality for the major meridian pathways for better Qi flow & blood circulation.
** 9 out of 12 meridian pathways passes through the bust region. **

Customers will be able to feel the difference after every session of our breast firming in Singapore. It is highly recommended to achieve inner health and outer beauty such as firmness, perkier and fuller bust shape, customers must continue with our bust massage therapies on a regular basis.
Based on our experience, most customers achieve tangible bust improvement in terms of its firmness and fuller shape within 6 to 9 months. However there are exceptions where some customers take longer time (due to breasts’ shape and condition).
We strongly recommend that customers embark on a maintenance program for natural breast enhancement from our various series after the desired result has been achieved. Monthly maintenance is the best option.

Ample Life offers various treatments for natural breast enhancement in Singapore. The duration of the process depends on the type of treatment that has been customised for the customer but in general it ranges from 45mins to 90mins per session.

Yes, you can do bust treatment when you are having menses. Our signature ultra-premium bust series uses a specially formulated puree essence which uses Swiss caviar & natural herbs. This formulation can be used in breast massage while under any of the three phases. (1) Lactation (2) pregnancy and (3) menses periods (Consult to be advised).

In general, it is due to the Qi/blood stagnation in the liver meridians coupled with hormonal fluctuations especially during the 3-5 days prior to the beginning of a menstrual period. Due to the rise of oestrogen and progesterone right before your period, these hormones and Qi stagnation cause your breast to swell and can lead to tenderness in your breasts. Wellness massage in Singapore can help relieve pain caused by tender breast.

Bust Up Firming Maximizer is one of our kick-start natural breast enhancement program that is suitable for most customers who are looking for bust maintenance, strengthening the breasts’ muscles and seeking to improve overall bust size, toning, shape and contouring effect.

Bust Me Up is a bust massage therapy whose objective is to detoxifies and improve blood circulation for the bust regions resulting in firmer breasts. This bust me up also involve with additional lymphatic drainage massage in Singapore to rid off toxins accumulation and improve the flabby arms.


Womb care is a treatment therapy that stimulates blood circulation to expel “coldness” in the uterus to prevent cold womb, bloating and ease menses discomfort & pain. It involves the application of womb massage that helps ease muscle tension and enhance blood circulation.

Uterus care is highly recommended for any woman who wants to ease her menses concerns, who is suffering from painful or irregular periods and is looking for womb health. Our wellness massage can ease muscle cramps and improve blood flow.

Yes, most certainly as our customized womb massage and uterus care programs is designed to continually stimulate Qi flow / blood circulation. Our customers who embarked on this program have experienced noticeable significant improvements after a few sessions. Our Wellness Team will analyse our customers’ physical condition before administering the treatment therapy, including moxibustion, so as to ensure maximum result.


The main causes of dry skin are;
• Lack of moisture in the skin
• Usage of wrong/incompatible facial treatment product
• As we age
• There’s PH imbalance
• Over exposure to the sun and without putting a proper sunscreen

It is recommended for those who adopt a facial regimen to get a suitable facial treatment in Singapore once month so as to achieve optimum results and a radiant complexion.
The frequency normally depends on the customer’s skin and the customized facial program. Newbies can get at least two to four facials a week at first, then every ten to fifteen days as prescribed. A lot depends on the client’s age, skin type, sun exposure, and overall skin health.

Yes, sometimes it may occur once or a few breakouts but its normal!
Facial treatments have the benefit of energizing tired skin into performing its functions. The gua sha facial massage and cleaning technique in a facial will cause your skin to target and heal certain areas if a congested pore needs to be cleared.
A light breakout is still possible if you haven’t had deep cleanse facial treatment before or haven’t had one in a long time. Its due to the skin being detoxified.
Our Therapists are well-trained to identify possible causes of your breakout. We provide after care service if you ever encounter a breakout within 3 days after the facial.
We only use quality, reputable, tested and time tried products in our facial therapies.

Yes, indeed.
All customers are required to fill up our electronic Consultation Form.
The information provided in the form will provide our Skin Care Consultants pertinent background information regarding the customers’ skin care regime. Information such as medication customer is taking, existing skincare products being used, any recent facial procedures (e.g. injections, peels, laser and etc) coupled with skin analysis will help our Skin Care Consultants to design the appropriate skin care program and facial treatment for our customers.